Sunday, March 22, 2009

I must admit, my lack of dedication to blogging is nothing short of remarkable. It has been nearly two weeks since my last post. It was during a four day weekend when I thought "I've got time for this, it will be fun!"At some point, that four day weekend ended and the reality of returning to the real world set in.
I'm up pretty late (almost 1:00 a.m.) because I closed the restaurant tonight, and that always throws my sleep cycle out of whack. What a time to catch up the blog! Jen and I had a pretty good week, Jen was off of both work and school, so she did tons of spring cleaning while I worked. We got to spend some quality time together which is always extra special becuase our schedules don't always jive.
We also had the pleasure of doing a bit of dog sitting for the in laws this week while Jen's mom visited a very pregnant Steph (Jen's oldest sister) in Minnesota. Jen and I are so excited for Steph and her husband Travis, as they prepare to bring little baby Ava Page Armstrong into the world in just a couple of weeks. We are praying for them as they begin this new chapter of their lives.
More good news, Tuesday is my next day off and I have been saving up all sorts of sarcasm just waiting to be unleashed on this blog. In the meantime, please enjoy this show which Jen discovered this past week. I've never laughed so many times in one week...

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  1. Dave, I must thank you for the prayers on our behalf....keep em coming! So glad to hear a little slice of sarcasm, but very excited to see the full extent on Tuesday! I'll have to check out that show, for some reason it sounds familiar, but I can't think why? Hope the OG is kind to you today :) Glad you guys had a great week last week!